ME,米吉多龍獸 登場作品 《數碼獸》系列 等 級 究極體 類 型 邪龍型 屬 性 病毒 所 屬 四大龍 適應領域 DA,NSo 首次登場 2001年11月 數碼獸馴獸師 第34話
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Digimon COTD: Megidramon – V-Mundi

Megidramon—Crazy, Passive-based, maniac Digimon. What’s good about it: Megalogrowlmon provides via evo-bonus a huge recycle on par with Vending Machine.It has a very easy DNA, since half the requirements just have to be and Level U. The HP on this
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滅世龍獸X メギドラモンX Megidramon X 基本資料 等級 究極體 類型 邪龍型 屬性 病毒 所屬 四大龍 適應領域 NSo 首次登場 2003年7月 數碼怪獸卡片游戲 Bx-44 名字來源 希伯來語【Har Megiddo】哈米吉多頓
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Digimon ReArise/Megidramon
Digimon ReArise/Megidramon < Digimon ReArise View source History Talk (0) Share Stage Attribute Element Type Mega Dark Profile Digivolution Tree Guilmon WarGrowlmon Megidramon Table DigiEgg In-Training I In-Training II Rookie Ultimate
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滅世龍獸(破滅魔龍獸) メギドラモン Megidramon
Megidramon is available as a Digimon Medal. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth [edit] Is raisable in the Japanese PS4/Switch versions, and the western Switch/PC versions. Digimon Soul Chaser [edit] There are four versions of Megidramon. They evolve into each other.
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MegiDramon Ingles: MegiDramon Español: MegiDramon Atributo: OSCURIDAD Tipo: Dragon Nivel: 8 ATK/DEF: 3000/0 Carta: 20399706 Uso: PROHIBIDA Generacion: Primera Clasificacion: 4 (Super Broken) Creador: David Pedraza Año: 2013 1 Tuner “mon” + 1 o mas monstruos no Tuner. Una vez por turno, durante cualquier turno, puedes remueve 1 carta “mon” o “digI” en tu cementerio, esta carta es …
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Megidramon May 12, 2013 – (NOTE: There are several things I don’t like about this that i’ll be changing soon) Rawr first Mega Level i’ve done like this. Explore
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Digimon Dragon’s Shadow: Megidramon
Megidramon Megidramon Article by Jacob Smith 3 Fantasy Creatures Pokemon Cool Monsters Art Anime Art Evil Goku Pokemon Vs Digimon Digimon Wallpaper Anime More information
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Megidramon’s entire body is made of Chrome Digizoid, making him extremely durable. Dragon Howling: Megidramon roars, releasing a powerful shockwave. Megiddo Flame: Megidramon releases an intense wave of fire that can reduce almost anything to ashes, and it …
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Wanted: Holo Megidramon
Anybody got this for sale ? This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use …
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Steam Community :: Mr. Megidramon

As my name states I am dreadfully bored out of my skull, also if I have never met/talked to you in a forum, than I will not accept any Friend invites, or Group Invites, in other words, No …
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Where is Megidramon?
Just putting this out there but i’d say Megidramon deserves a chance in the spotlight and i am pretty sure a lot of other fans of Megidramon will be grateful to finally have him, I know i will be. Point is THEY NEED HIM IN THESE GAMES!! He was great in dawn and
Farm Quests
Farm Quests are important to Digimon Dawn/Dusk. They are good ways to get extra quests and you must do them in order to have 100% Quest Completion.First you must have the right digimon and it’s personality and then put it in a digi farm. After you have done it
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中文名 滅世龍獸 外文名 メギドラモン Megidramon 別 名 破滅魔龍獸