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Apache Cassandra Changelog #1 (October 2020)

Introducing the first Cassandra Changelog blog! Our monthly roundup of key activities and knowledge to keep the community informed. Release Notes Updated The most current Apache Cassandra releases are 4.0-beta2, 3.11.8, 3.0.22, 2.2.18 and 2.1.22 released
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Apache Cassandra Changelog #2
 · Apache #Cassandra 4.0-beta3, 3.11.9, 3.0.23, and 2.2.19 were released on November 4 and are in the repositories. Please pay attention to release notes and let …
ChangeLog #10 - Stacks updates. NGINX with server-push and more
History of Changes
Changelog Javadocs Text Extraction Encryption support Case Studies Related projects Legal Apache Wide Apache Software Foundation License Sponsorship Thanks Security History of Changes
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Apache Arrow 3.0.0 Release
 · refer you to the complete changelog. Columnar Format Notes The Decimal256 data type, which was already supported pool (ARROW-10038). Compute layer Comprehensive documentation for compute functions is now available: https://arrow.apache
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Apache Kafka streaming KTable changelog
Yes: changelog topics are configured with log compaction and not with retention time. If you receive the “final” record, your aggregation can just return null as aggregation result. This will delete it from the local RocksDB store as well as the underlying changelog
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Apache Velocity Engine
Type Changes Bye Fix parser bug (newline and space inside an empty inline map definition). . Fixes VELOCITY-927. cbrisson Backported Spring framework Velocity Engine integration classes from Spring 4.x, in the new module spring-velocity-support . .Fixes VELOCITY-933.
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Apache Logging Services
Type Changes By Fix JavaDoc on org.apache.logging.log4j.ThreadContext about inheritance. Fixes LOG4J2-1861. mattsicker Fix JavaDoc about @Order and OrderComparator ordering. Fixes LOG4J2-1862.Thanks to wangyuntao. mattsicker Fixed daylight savings
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Apache Solr Release Notes

Apache Tika 1.16 Carrot2 3.15.0 Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0 Apache UIMA 2.3.1 Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.11 Jetty 9.4.8.v20171121 Upgrade Notes (10) SOLR-11748: The throttling mechanism used to limit the rate of autoscaling events processed has
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apache-airflow-providers-microsoft-azure — apache …

apache-airflow-providers-microsoft-azure Content Package apache-airflow-providers-microsoft-azure Provider package Installation PIP requirements Cross provider package dependencies Changelog 1.3.0 Features Bug fixes 1.2.0 Features Bug fixes 1.1.0 Features
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Apache Arrow 0.14.0 Release
Apache Arrow 0.14.0 (4 July 2019) This is a major release covering more than 3 months of development. Download Source Artifacts Binary Artifacts For CentOS For Debian For Python For Ubuntu Git tag Contributors This release includes 570 commits from 78 distinct contributors. $ git shortlog -sn apache-arrow-0.13.0..apache-arrow-0.14.0 67 Antoine Pitrou 62 Wes McKinney 37 Sebastien Binet …
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Lucene Change Log

LUCENE-8456: Upgrade Apache Commons Compress to v1.18 (Steve Rowe) LUCENE-765: Improved org.apache.lucene.index javadocs. (Mike Sokolov) LUCENE-8476: Remove redundant nullity check and switch to optimized List.sort in the Korean’s user
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Apache Maven Changelog Plugin
Apache Maven Changelog Plugin The Maven Changelog Plugin generates reports regarding the recent changes in your Software Configuration Management or SCM. These reports include the changelog report, developer activity report and the file activity report.
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55969: Tighten up the security of the Apache Tomcat installation created by the Windows installer. Change the default shutdown port used by the Windows installer from 8005 to -1 (